The Greater Manchester Bird Recording Group (hereafter referred to as GMBRG) was founded in 2002. There are currently two group administrators, Ian McKerchar (County Bird Recorder) and Steve Atkins (Assistant County Bird Recorder).




  • To further the recording of wild birds in the county of Greater Manchester and encourage the submission of records.
  • To produce the county bird report as the definitive annual account of the county's avifauna.
  • To appoint all county official positions.
  • To work for the conservation of birds and sites of ornithological interest.
  • To co-operate with national and regional societies and organisations in regard to survey work, research and conservation.
  • To liaise with local bird clubs and RSPB groups.

It is NOT the intention of the GMBRG to hold meetings, activities or periodic talks etc. Greater Manchester is already well served by several very well established RSPB groups and Birdwatching Societies (see here) who hold excellent monthly meetings with superb illustrated lectures and talks. It is the view of the GMBRG that we should be supporting these groups to ensure their continued existence in our county.



Membership of the GMBRG is free of charge. Individuals wishing to become members of the group should complete the GMBRG Application Form (see below) and return it to the contact details on the form. Once acknowledged, your membership will not require renewal and will continue until it is cancelled by the member themselves or the GMBRG. 

Your membership allows us to:


·    Increase the involvement and ownership of county birders within the GMBRG.

·    Permit the right for each member of the group to an individual vote on any decisions requiring one within the GMBRG (i.e. county official elections/appointments, significant monitory spending). Again, this allows the members of the group more input into decision making on important county matters.

·    Allow easy consultation for GMBRG officials to all members, via email, members on forum and in the case of those members not having access to a computer, via the postal service.

·    Allow the distribution to members of newsletters as, when and if, required.

·    Permit access to a GMBRG members only section of the Manchester Birding forum.

·    Increase the submission of county bird records by county birders and increase the use of these records by relevant organizations for the protection of sites and conservation of species. As the primary function of the GMBRG is to record the county’s avifauna so its members will be expected to submit their key records.

·    Make the GMBRG stronger and more united with a view towards having more influence and involvement in county conservation issues.

·   Permit members to purchase MapMate Biological Recording Software at a reduced price and entitle them to free training and support. MapMate Biological Recording Software is the GMBRG’s chosen method of record submission (purchasing MapMate is NOT a stipulation of membership of the group).





The GMBRG produce and publish the definitive account of birds within the county in their Annual County Bird Report. The three man Report Production Team, consisting of Steve Atkins, Ian McKerchar and Steve Suttill, strive to maintain the report's high standards of data collation and presentation, whilst striving to improve the overall report with innovative ideas, the inclusion of photographs of the very highest quality, excellent artwork and top class articles to ensure the report remains something enjoyable to read yet contains all the information required for birding in the county.

Back copies of reports are still available and can be purchased by contacting Ian McKerchar.




Any income from the sale of annual county bird reports or from the sale of data supplied to ecological consultants will be paid into the GMBRG bank account. This account is only for the use in improving future annual county bird reports and/or for developing the birds and birding within the county of Greater Manchester. Any significant expenditure should be passed to the GMBRG membership for approval/vote.


August 2011